What is Silicosis Patient Registration System?

The Department desires to implement a comprehensive integrated web/ mobile based ‘Silicosis Patient Registration System’ application for online Patient registration, verification/ assessment, issuance of certificate and Disbursement of Aid.

What is Silicosis Patient Registration System?

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The application shall be integrated with Bhamashah/ UIDAI- For Validation of Information;

  • e-Vault- for storage of all the documents,
  • licenses, etc,
  • SMS/ e-Mail gateway- for sending alerts/ updates regarding application,
  • Rajasthan Sampark- for lodging any grievance,
  • Raj e-Office (Rajkaj),
  • e-Sign- For Digital Signatures


The mission of the project are:

  • To facilitate government.
  • To Beneficiary and department to monitor, manage and implement of grant processes of silicosis patients under the broad framework / umbrella of Bhamashah Yojana.
  • To design a web/ mobile -based application for implementation of grant processes of silicosis patients in the existing State Data Center.
  • To create an interface between the web-based application and other.
  • To Important databases – Bhamashah Database Hub, UIDAI Database.
  • To provide an interface with e-Mitra for registration, enrollment, etc.
  • To increase efficiency and effectiveness of the Scheme.
  • To deliver services to the beneficiaries with minimum waiting time and involving minimum physical visits to the hospital and to Collectorate / offices of respective departments.
  • To increase efficiency of the process of identification of a beneficiary and thereby help prevent delay in treatment, especially in emergencies and in disbursement of financial assistance to the beneficiary or his/her family.
  • To minimize duplicate / multiple claims / applications for financial assistance by a single beneficiary or his/her family.
  • To create transparency and reduce complexity
  • To enhance accountability, transparency and responsiveness to beneficiary’s application.
  • To provide efficient and real-time MIS to the Department(s).


The challenges of the project are:

  • Tracking: As per current system there is no criterion for tracking the people who are availing the facilities under various schemes/ services, due to which some people avail multiple facilities in regular interval of time..
  • Database: Currently there is no central database for Persons suffering with Silicosis or Persons working for Industries like Mining, Glass Manufacture, Construction, Ceramic, Gem cutting and polishing, etc.
  • Planning: Due to lack of information on Persons suffering with Silicosis, there is challenge to plan any scheme/ benefits for the beneficiaries as per their requirement.

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